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The T8 hybrid saddle series incorporates quality leather on the seat, knee pads and trim to give the feel of riding on an all-leather saddle.
Dressage Surface Block
Featuring surface-mounted knee blocks contoured to provide enhanced in-saddle security for the rider, without restriction of the knees.
There are three girthing options which enable the saddle to be girthed according to the horse’s movement.
Original GP
This universal-fitting saddle is forward enough cut to allow for jumping and cross-country as well as schooling and hacking.
The super-comfy seat gives you a little extra in-saddle security and locates you centrally for balance and control.
Fully adjustable knee and calf blocks provide customised leg support for the rider while three girthing options help ensure the perfect fit.
This specialist showjumping saddle is designed to improve your jumping technique.
The secure seat, close-contact design and adjustable thigh and calf supports help you maintain a better balanced and improved position when jumping.

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