Page 11 - Thorowgood Brochure
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Back Width
This refers to the shape across his back which can vary from narrow to extra-wide
Wither Profile
This describes the curve of his withers, if you are looking from the side - low, regular or high
` A flexicurve, available from your nearest stockist or an art or office supply shop, measuring 65cm. A piece of stiff wire cut to the same length is a good alternative
Step 4
Squeeze and shape the flexicurve so it hugs the contours of the horse’s sides.
Step 5
Lift the flexicurve gently and put it down in exactly the same place – it should settle snugly if it has been moulded correctly. Transfer the shaped flexicurve onto the back width chart (page 12)
and draw along the inside.
Step 6
Next, making sure your horse is still standing properly, mould the flexicurve along his spine starting at the highest point of the withers.
This measurement should also be taken from the nearside.
Draw this shape onto the wither profile chart (page 13).

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